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Every morning when I wake up, after praying, worshiping, and giving thanks to God, I open my Facebook to see what’s happening with the world. Because I wish not to see negative posts first thing I open Facebook I select people and pages I want to see first in my newsfeed. This morning, 2 posts really touched my heart. One was a share from my sister Norma and the other was a post from Pastor John Hagee.

My sister has a heart that is made of solid gold. She shared this link from Faith Tap about Gentri’s song “O Holy Night.”

“O Holy Night” has been one of my favorite Christmas songs since I was in elementary school, a good 55 years ago. I still remember performing on our school stage with the rest of my classmates, all of us falling on our knees and reaching up to the heavens. That scene and memory stuck with me throughout my life.

At the end of the video this Bible Scripture is shared ~ Truly I tell you whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. Matthew 25:40

I was jolted! We have so many homeless people on Maui. They’re everywhere. They’ve even discovered our neighborhood as a shortcut to main roads. They pass right by my house, look in our yard and in our house when the curtains are open. I worry, about us and them. I have no idea how to help this situation. I pray but then I get creeped out too so that nullifies my prayers. They make homes across the street where my daughters work and come into their place of work to help themselves to coffee and use the bathroom to shower and clean up.

I’m just thinking now, instead of using my mind to get creeped out I could use my mind to think of ways to help. We do have a homeless shelter, a couple, but many don’t like to follow the rules. It’s a 2 year program where residents can get their lives in order and find a permanent place to live. This is great for families that run into hard times but for those who can’t seem to follow the rules, can’t stop drinking, miss too many appointments, etc. etc. they’re the ones that live on the streets. And there are many. They live out of shopping carts that are stolen from K-Mart, Safeway, etc. We even have a shopping cart graveyard where abandoned shopping carts are placed.

So ideas. I have to pray on this but for now I think a bathroom facility would be nice. There are several churches that feed the homeless so that’s good. Still, there are so many that take food out of the garbage, partially eaten tacos, burgers, drinks that still have some left in the cup. We sit there and watch them do this. Some will refuse a meal bought and head straight for the trash can. I believe but I don’t know, that they think we might be trying to poison them.

A piece of land donated where tents can be propped. That’s a big dream. There’s a beach where many local families stay and every once in awhile the county does a sweep and makes them all move. So yes, a piece of land donated would be nice.

Mind you as I’m coming up with these ideas I really don’t know how things work. Just brainstorming right now.

If you have any ideas please feel free to comment. Thanks!

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