1. Children adopt God’s truth so easily, and it is inspiring to see how open they are to his word and lessons. One of the best things about having faith is that you can start anytime, and it is something that all generations can share together. I hope you and your family have continued success as you grow stronger in your faith.

    • Thank you for your comment. It’s amazing how valuable comments can be as I seek to give value through my posts. It’s such a joy to share with my grandchildren. They’re so little and when I was little, the first thing I did was play and watch my cartoons. I started, just this morning, to worship and praise God the first thing my grandchildren wake up. It’s gonna be fun! I know my calling was because God saw my heart, saw that I wanted my children and grandchildren to have a happy life and knew that they would not unless I woke up to His Word. God Bless!

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