1. We often forget that all that we have is truly from God. We are just stewards of what God has given us. I believe that we must give to those in need because this is what Jesus would have done. If we are followers of Christ than we will also give. Give with a cheerful heart… I like that!

    • It took me awhile to see the wisdom of this simple thing. And also to give without a thought of getting anything in return but God in his Love and Grace always Blesses us anyway.

  2. I love these scriptures! I always try to give back by answering blogging questions, lol because I’ve been doing this for 14 years, (although I just jumped into the world of business blogging this year!) I also freely give follows and likes, hah.

    • Awesome Noelle! My life now centers around God’s word. If not for that my life would still be in chaos! I’m looking forward to posting more but I do have my grandchildren 5 days a week now so it’s a pretty hectic schedule. Than again, they are my WHY along with my children. Have a great day and God Bless!

      • Oh man well try to post on weekends? Lol, since I run multiple blogs, I rotate which ones I’m posting on each day. Last night, it was the personal blog, today it will be this one, (and probably my linkblog.)

        • What I do is write ideas on posts and throughout the day when an idea pops up I write that down to so when I post I have an outline prepared. Then I’ll write a little here and a little there and when it’s finally done I post it. I visited your blog, it’s really nicely done.

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