1. This is such a wonderful video and tool for people involved in any kind of business..you chose the best MEI scripture!! I think people too often forget God in our daily business activities, which really need to be rooted in the Word, where all inspiration and motivation in their best form come from! Blessings and thank you for visiting my blog today and leaving such a wonderful comment. So much appreciate and having a chance to visit you!

    • I’m glad you were MEI’d! I seek God in all aspects of our business. It’s so vital to me. I used to conduct business without Him in the days when I wasn’t a Christian and never found happiness, always complained and was never satisfied. With God in my business I’m so thankful for even the littlest things. God’s Word has taught me to take care of the little things so I can properly handle the bigger things. Thank you and God Bless Kathy!

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